CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Behind the Mecklenburg County Courthouse doors was an acknowledgment of the radar certification problems.

Queen City News observed traffic court Thursday as cases were being dealt with. Court officials made people aware of the radar issues through a press release and an announcement.

Accused speeders were told they could continue their cases, contest them, or have their charges reduced and pay, but not to dismiss. Court officials emphasized that radar technology is used in tandem with officer observations.

However, the news of the radar certification issues has led to a flurry of calls to attorney offices across the Charlotte area.

“I’ve already had numerous calls from clients (from) the past and (those) with tickets coming up,” said Mark Jetton, an attorney with Jetton and Meredith.

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Jetton noted that dismissals might not be an option for accused speeders for various factors. Court officials noted to drivers Thursday that officer observations can be considered in a traffic court case.

Jetton noted that other cases could be affected — namely, cases involving a speed stop that resulted in the discovery of more crimes.

Those in traffic court Thursday told Queen City News that, while they were aware of the issue, many wished, at least for now, to pay up and move on.

Court officials said they are dealing with the cases individually as they come in, which could affect the docket for months.

As for previous cases, Jetton noted there could be an option for a Motion for Appropriate Relief but indicated that there needs to be a word on how the radar certification issues will play out within the legal system.