CHARLOTTE, NC — Fathia-Ann Davis has been sentenced to 10 years in a murder-for-hire plot against her ex-husband, according to Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of NC.

Davis, 48, was also sentenced to two years of supervised release.

Police said Davis worked as a nurse with the school health program for Mecklenburg County Health Department.

In February 2015 a criminal complaint form indicated there was an intent for a murder to be committed. The complaint stated Davis asked someone in January 2015 to kill her ex-husband, Joseph Davis.

When the man refused she requested he find someone who could. The man contacted police, and that’s when an undercover investigation began.

CMPD detectives said they posed as a killer-for-hire and met Fathia in a parking lot in Charlotte on February 15, 2015. Davis offered the undercover officers $4,000 to shoot her ex-husband in the head, according to court documents.

She drove the undercover officers to the victim’s residence and showed them her ex-husband’s apartment and car. Davis told the undercover officers she wanted the victim out of her and her daughter’s lives and she had been trying for the last two years, according to court documents.  

Davis met up with the undercover officers again on February 22, 2015 and gave them a $500 down-payment. She told them she would give them the rest of the money after they killed her ex. The undercover officers met with Davis on February 24, 2015 and she was arrested.

She was released later that week on a $100,000 unsecured bond and put on house arrest. She pleaded not guilty in her first court appearance.

Davis was found guilty in June 2015 and convicted of one count of use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire.

She will be transferred to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Federal sentences are served without the possibility of parole.