CHARLOTTE, NC (WJZY) — Civil activists in Charlotte are speaking out about bringing change to the community.

The shooting and killing of two black men by police this week captivated the nation and world as news of their deaths spread globally on social media.

Here in Charlotte the shock and horror of it all is still very raw.

“A lot of these mothers who have lost loved ones; it resurrects those old wounds from ten years ago, five years ago, just three years ago with the Jonathan Ferrell case. It opens up that old wound,” John Barnett said. 

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Barnett, a social activist and founder of “True Healing Under God,” works closely with families who’ve experienced this type of tragedy.

“We’ve never felt like there’s been any justice done at all. Pennies from Charlotte-Mecklenburg given to Ms. Ferrell will not bring Jonathan Ferrell back. On Thanksgiving Day, she has to have an empty plate on her table for Jonathan Ferrell. Pennies don’t bring that life back. Historically, we haven’t seen any form of justice related to these shootings,” Barnett said. 

Will Adams, another community activist and leader of Team TruBlue – End the Violence told FOX 46 Charlotte what it’s like to be a black man living in Charlotte.

“What’s it like to be a black man here? What is it like to be a black man period. Not just in Charlotte, but period. You got to understand. We live in fear everyday as a black man. Every day we in fear,” Adams explained.

He said we need two things: more training for police and an investment of more time and money in our youth to form a better, more peaceful future.

“If you’re an officer and you’re scared because you’re an officer, then you need to stop being an officer. I don’t need an officer being scared to protect me because he’s going to kill me. I don’t need to be afraid when I’m being pulled over by an officer,” Adams said. 

In the end both men said it will take more accountability and community involvement from every one to turn the tide of history around.