CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — FOX 46 is getting results in a story that started with one woman and has since expanded to multiple people and dozens of complaints.

Victims say an appliance repairman they hired charged them for jobs that were never completed.

After months of weeding through various business names, addresses, and actual names the man used, we were able to track down John Jackson and his real address.

The most recent customer that was scammed is George Carroll, whose refrigerator was thawed.

Carroll is one of nearly a half dozen people complaining about the same repairman. Carroll says the repairman, who at the time went by the name of Randy, charged him almost $1,000 and never fixed the fridge.

After FOX 46 originally aired the story, some viewers phoned in and said that the same thing happened to them.

“I knew he wasn’t coming back,” said Carroll. “Repeated texts and calls were unanswered but I was relentless in trying to get a hold of him.”

After a brief investigation FOX 46 was able to learn what type of van Jackson drove, his appearance and that the previous name he had given us, Randy Browne, was false.

“I understand,” Jackson told FOX 46 after multiple attempts to try to get a hold of him. “Tell me what customer you have, I’d be more than willing and glad to either refund them and get them rectified at this point.”

He said despite not having a website the name of his business is Rapid Response Appliance Man and customers find him based off referrals.

We’ve been in touch with Jackson’s customers and none of them have received any type of compensation or refund from Jackson.

Customers say they’ve heard the refund story before.

“That would be lovely but we’ll see.”