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Two counterprotests have already been organized in response to an “anti-communist” rally taking place in Charlotte. 

The “Charlotte Against Racism/White Supremacy” protest and the “Unity March for Charlotte” are scheduled for Dec. 28 in Marshall Park, where the group Anticom is planning a “March Against Communism.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police confirmed that they are aware of Anticom’s march, but tell FOX 46 Charlotte that they have not received a permit request from the group. 

Anticom has called upon participants to bring torches, gear, flags and guns to the event. Once night falls, the group says it will march into downtown Charlotte and “show the size [of] our ranks,” according to the announcement. Planned speakers include white nationalist Richard Spencer, among others. 

The group previously encouraged members to march on Charlottesville on August 11 in response to the removal of a Confederate monument to Robert E. Lee. 

While a permit request has yet to be submitted to CMPD, officials in Mecklenburg County say a permit is not needed for a group to gather or hold a rally in Marshall Park itself, as long as it’s peaceful. 

Many people, including state Rep. Chaz Beasley (D-Charlotte), say Anticom is using anti-communism as a guise for white supremacy.

“Make no mistake — this isn’t an ‘anti-communist’ rally at all. The speakers include prominent neo-Nazis,” Beasley said on Twitter.

“They can even come in here wearing Dockers, khakis like they did in Charlottesville, but we know who they are. They’re the same people who used to wear sheets or swastikas on their sleeve,” said Jibril Hough, organizer of a counterprotest.

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