CHARLESTON, S.C. — Fireworks are expected at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina, just days before the polls open up for early voting in the state’s primary election.  

The signs of the debate are, quite literally, everywhere in Charleston. FOX 46 set out on the streets of Charleston to see how stumping and tonight’s debate is translating here.

“We’re mostly republicans but we want to hear what the democratic candidates have to say,” registered Republican Robery Blumberg told FOX 46. 

Many who were there meant business, traveling to make sure they don’t miss a moment of the race to the White House. 

“I have attended all the debates, except New Hampshire, and there was a snowstorm that scared me away,” said Democrat Carol Dunitz. 

Going into this weekend’s primary in South Carolina, we set forth on asking those here what they want to see.

What we found were many people from out of state are using the Tuesday night debate as a barometer on the issues. 

“They’re talking about free health care and they’re talking about taking care of everybody and they haven’t put a price on it, and they need to,” said Cynthia Rosa, a Republican. 

They also wanted to see how the candidates present themselves. 

“We need to see enthusiasm, interest, and strong feelings. If they don’t do that, nothing’s going to happen this time around,” said Dunitz. 

There’s a real sense that if you’re not at the debate tonight, many will still be paying attention.

“I’m willing to hear from the moderate Democrats,” Blumberg said.