The family of a Matthews man who was shot to death says they were told no charges will be filed in their son’s homicide.

“My son is dead and no one seems to care,” said Scott Swierski in an exclusive follow-up interview to a story FOX 46 first reported in July.

A little more than two months after Jonathan Swierski, 20, was shot to death, his father is still looking for answers and justice. 

“I’ll never see my son again and his killer is still out free, walking around, like he jaywalked,” said Swierski. “No big deal. No repercussions.”

Swierski says the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office and Matthews police informed him this week that they will not press charges in their son’s death. 

Neither agency would confirm that to FOX 46. The family will meet with police detectives and officials from the DA’s office on Thursday.  

The person who allegedly fired the fatal shotgun blast was a friend of the victim. The Swierski family says detectives told them their son and the person who shot him were attempting to help another friend who was involved in a fight over a woman at the Paces Pointe Apartments in Matthews.

It’s unclear what happened.

“Oh my God I can’t believe I did this s—t,” a man told a 911 operator. “I shot him on accident…I don’t know how I pulled the trigger. He hit me, f—–g shot went off.”

“I’m so sorry,” the man said.

“They haven’t even charged this guy and he killed somebody,” said Swierski. “Why not?”

In North Carolina, just pointing a gun at someone is considered a crime. Last month, FOX 46 asked Matthews police why no one was arrested.

“Even if it was an accident,” said FOX 46 investigator Matt Grant, “how is that not a case of involuntary manslaughter?”

“I can’t comment on the specifics of the case because it’s an open investigation,” said Ofc. Tim Aycock. “We have to go where the evidence takes us.”

“How can you take a gun out of your car, load the gun, walk towards somebody else with your finger on the trigger, somebody gets shot and killed and that’s OK?,” said Swierski. “If that’s OK, than we all have a license to kill if that’s all it takes.”

The family has hired an attorney and plan to file a civil lawsuit against the shooter and the Paces Pointe Apartments.

“We’re trying to get justice,” said Swierski. “One way or another.”