STATESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A former Iredell county teacher facing rape charges has been arrested for a third time for witness intimidation, police say.

Statesville resident Christina Jolly, 43, was taken into custody on Friday for violating pre-trial release conditions against the same victim.

Detectives discovered Jolly was sending money to the victim for several months after her initial arrest for rape charges stemming from August 15, in an attempt to silence the victim.

Authorities received additional information that Jolly had been driving her car past the victim frequently in a manner so she could be seen by the victim as he walked home from school. Surveillance video from neighbors, in conjunction with local officials, captured activity similar to what had been reported to the police.

On March 20 Jolly attempted to stop the victim walking home from school and spoke with him for several minutes.

The first arrest occurred December 27th for similar violations against pre-trial release conditions. Jolly now faces multiple charges including intimidating a state witness and stalking.

Jolly is going on trial after being accused of sexually assaulting a foster child that was within her care.