CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — FOX 46 is getting results for a woman who says police weren’t doing enough to find a conman who was threatening her family.

The woman who discovered the suspect had dozens of fake ID’s told us about how she found out his real name.

“You felt like police weren’t doing enough to help you before?” FOX 46’s Jenyne Donaldson asked the victim, who only wanted to be identified as Shameka. 


“So you took matters into your own hands?”

“I felt like I needed to. This is my house and that room belongs to me,” Shameka said. 

Shameka says she rented a room to a man named Aaron Greene, but it turns out his real name is Kern Dehaarte. She discovered dozens of fake ID’s and passport cards in the room he rented at her house. All of the ID’s had his picture but different names. 

“Me and my kids was terrified. Once he texted me and told me that he was gonna shoot my house up and if don’t get me today or tomorrow eventually he would get me. So I felt like it was in me and my kids best interest that we didn’t stay home,” said Shameka. 

CMPD tried to obtain a search warrant, but it was denied because no one knew the suspects real name. 

Shameka’s says after FOX 46 aired her story, the threatening calls and texts from Dehaarte stopped, and CMPD stepped up their investigation. 

“The next morning…I got a text from the detective,” she tells us.

In the meantime, Shameka found a text message on a cell phone the suspect left behind.

“They responded ‘who is this?’ and he said ‘Kern.’ So then I did my own investigation through the room and found a credit card, a Capital One credit card with the name Kern Dehaarte.”

Armed with a name police, got their warrant.

Other items found inside of the room included an ID printer, about 25 more fake passports, cell phones, receipts with the victims’ name on it and multiple sheets of passports that he didn’t get to laminate yet.

Now, the U.S. Department of State diplomatic security service is also investigating the fake passport cards. 

According to the State Department website, fake passport cards can be used to conceal the identity of fugitives and terrorists, to illegally enter the U.S., avoid deportation, to commit financial crimes and bank fraud and to traffic drugs or smuggle people.