CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A FOX 46 investigation uncovered a refrigerator repairman who continues to do work despite a judge’s order not to.

It’s the same man FOX 46 investigative reporter Morgan Frances has investigated for the past seven months. Now, John Jackson has a dozen warrants out for his arrest.

FOX 46 caught up with Jackson when he responded to a call for service, and he was surprised when our Morgan Frances, a face he’s familiar with, answered the door.

Frances: “John Jackson.”

Jackson: “Oh, my God!” (runs away)

Frances: “I’ve been waiting to meet you, John.”

Jackson: “I bet you have!”

Frances: “Why are you still taking money for jobs?”

Jackson: “I’m not taking any money for jobs.”

Frances: “A judge has ruled that you can’t even advertise for work. We got your number off a website is still there. You have nothing to say? There’s a ruling that you can’t take money for jobs. You can’t even advertise.”

FOX 46 has heard from about a dozen people who say they hired John Jackson for repair jobs he either botches or never completes.


Most haven’t gotten their money back, but FOX 46 was able to get results for George Carroll.

“I think it put additional pressure on him because in one of his texts, he said, ‘I knew FOX 46 is coming back,’” Carroll said.

FOX 46’s reports caught the attention of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

“I want to thank you all for bringing this story,” Stein said in a FOX 46 interview, “because in so doing, you were able to inform the viewers so they were then able to reach out to our office.”

Stein later filed a lawsuit against Jackson, and a judge banned him from doing repair work or even advertising for repair jobs while the lawsuit is ongoing. Then we heard from the Davis family, however, who said Jackson was at their house the weekend after the judge’s ruling.

“That is the point at which your article from your news station came up where you had done some reporting on this guy,” said Dana Davis, “and then I read the entire article and realized that we had been grifted.”

The customers say this is the response they’re getting from police, “Unless he was caught at a traffic stop or something, they were not going to pursue arresting him,” said Bill White, who claims Jackson accepted his money for a job he never completed.

We thought: how hard could it be to find a guy who has at least a dozen warrants out for his arrest? We had FOX 46 reporter David Sentendrey to call the number listed on this website, which advertised repair work. We directed the man to a house where we waited for our guy.


Jackson sped off, but by the look on his face when we answered the door, it’s clear he wasn’t expecting to see us that day, which is why we were surprised when he called us back just minutes later.

We asked Jackson why he showed up to do work when a judge banned him from doing so. He claimed the ruling was “temporary.” We circled back around with the Attorney General’s office. A rep there said it’s temporary, but added the order is still in effect until the court case is over.

“So you’re going to keep doing jobs?” Morgan Frances asked Jackson over the phone.

Jackson said, “I’m not doing jobs anymore. I’m retired.”

After we pressed Jackson again, he insisted as of that moment – after our attempt to talk on camera – he officially retired.

When we asked what he plans to do in his retirement, he responded, “I don’t know. I’m about to start a new business.”

Jackson is not allowed to do any work in North Carolina right now. If he is, give FOX 46 a call. We’ve reached out to CMPD about his arrest warrants; they acknowledged our requests, but haven’t made anyone available for comment.