Of all the names running for President, have you ever heard of Lloyd Kelso? Probably not. But the Gastonia lawyer says he’s ready to be the next President of the United States.

Kelso was on the ballot in New Hampshire, but he couldn’t get on in North or South Carolina, so he’s mounting his write-in campaigns in those states. The Democrat says he’s running to help middle class and poor families.

He drove his Chevy Tahoe all the way to New Hampshire to campaign. Kelso and his campaign manager put out “Elect Kelso President 2016” signs in the middle of campaign signs for well-known candidates. Kelso said that got him noticed. He said, “And the big question at the end of the night was, ‘Who’s Kelso? We didn’t know he was running.”

And don’t think he doesn’t have a strategy to reach voters. Kelso said, “I think if they realize they’ve got a choice other than Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, maybe it will make a difference. There’s no one else at this point that’s been known that’s in the race.”

Kelso says he plans to road trip it to South Carolina next to ramp up his write-in campaign.