CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A request for an interview has turned into much more for a Charlotte family.

Lucas Roberts said he, his wife Siobhan, and their four children have been homeless for months.  While his wife and kids were able to get shelter from the Salvation Army, he slept outside in the family car nearby, in an effort to stay close to his family.

FOX46 reached out to Roberts and his family last week while noticing them out on a story about the cold weather, and how people are staying warm.  Their story, about Roberts’ work hours and effort to stay close to his family in the cold, led to another story on how to help those who are in similar situations.

FOX46 spoke with Community Link, which is a non-profit dedicated to providing housing options to those that are homeless within the Charlotte area.

After the second story aired, Roberts and his family got in touch with Community Link, and they said within days, they were moved to a hotel while they start the search for a home for a family of six.

“You don’t have to wait to go to the bathroom, or take showers, or eat,” said Roberts’ wife, Siobhan.

Roberts said they weren’t aware of any resources to help them out and knew of many families that were in the same situation.

The family does have a dream of a home, but for now, Roberts said being in a bed is indescribable.

“I’m loving every minute of it,” he said.