HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Artist Treana Suggs likes to create paintings based on themes.

She described a few of them using one word.

“This is happiness,” she said.

“This one is powerful.”

She went on to describe others as representing courage and compassion.

Suggs’ art really blossomed while working with the art director at Nevins, Inc., a support place for adults with disabilities in Charlotte.

When that program ended, her parents were encouraged to keep providing an outlet for Suggs to paint because others could see her talent.

Her parents, Tracey Suggs and Keisha Suggs, watch proudly as they see their daughter excel at what she enjoys doing despite previously hearing less optimistic outlooks regarding Treana’s future.

“When Treana was born and so many others that are in our family situation, you are presented with great limitations. They bring the limitations to you, and they say what they’re not going to be able to do whether it be from a reading or an educational standpoint or physical standpoint,” Treana’s father Tracey Suggs said.

“We never told her or treated her like she had special needs, so she didn’t even know she had Down syndrome until probably… high school,” Treana’s mother Keisha Suggs said.

“…because of that that we treated her like anyone else, she was able to reach her true potential.”

Tracey and Keisha raised Treana to believe that her goals are never out of reach.

She maintains that same confidence today.

“Keep going. I have faith in my life. Yes, I do,” she said.

Treana is grateful for her upbringing.

“They are very amazing parents in my life, and I’m blessed, and I have good memories about them raising me.”

“We always say, God said, ‘We are all able,’ so that message is to never shield your child or that loved one away from exploring life,” Tracey Suggs said.

One of Treana’s paintings is inside Foster’s Care Facility in High Point.

However, her work has gained support as far away as the New England region.

Her family says there is a man who travels from Boston, Massachusetts each year to collect Treana’s work.

Treana doesn’t currently have a social media account, but her father is accepting any inquiries about her artwork through his social media platform.