WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and for Amber Laudicina, her hero was her service dog, Coda. Laudicina battled a brain tumor in 2010, and due to subsequent chemotherapy-related brain damage, she now experiences unexpected seizures.

She never knows when a life-threatening event will happen, but one was recently captured on video at a local Harris Teeter while she was filming her service dog training. Coda, her 11-month-old service dog, responded in the manner he was trained, but the four-legged hero could only do so much. 

While some shoppers walked by without acknowledging the situation, the manager of the store did everything she could to try to help.

“The manager in this store did everything that you could possibly do to try to help somebody. It was human to human. Even though she wasn’t sure what she was doing was right, it was instinct,” Laudicina said.

While the incident was scary, Laudicina feels grateful for those who came to her rescue, especially her service dog, Coda.

“He saved my life. He prevented me from actually getting hurt and ending up truly in the hospital with a concussion or something worse,” Laudicina said.

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Patricia Gibson, director of epilepsy information at Wake Forest, hopes that the incident will raise awareness and understanding of seizures.

“A lot of our patients get diagnosed or misunderstood in public, and unfortunate things have happened to my patients in that misunderstanding,” Gibson said. “If you’re really concerned or see something you think is concerning, you can always call for backup from an ambulance, but most seizures just run their course, and they’re not a problem.”

Harris Teeter has told Laudicina that they plan to honor the employee who helped save her life sometime next week. Meanwhile, she has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the employee out of appreciation.