HICKORY, NC (WJZY) — A Hickory woman claims her daughter’s service dog is unfit for duty, after she bought the dog from a Craigslist ad.

Kristy Hammonds was so excited to get a service dog for her 7-year-old, Sara. Sara suffers from chronic pain, vomiting and anxiety. Her mother found a dog, named Griffin, from a Craigslist ad.

Kristy said after the family picked up Griffin, they went to the pet store, and immediately noticed problems. Kristy said, “As soon as we walked in the door, he (Griffin) starts growling, and he was acting like he was lunging at other animals.”

And it got worse, when Kristy said Griffin attacked her cat, Gizmo, so she called K-9 Navigators, a group that pairs disabled veterans with service dogs. They’re listed on Griffin’s paperwork as the original owners.

The group’s representative told Kristy that Griffin wasn’t supposed to be in service and that the dog had a history of aggression. Kristy said, “He (the K9 Navigators representative) said so, ‘He (the dog seller) scammed you.’ He said, ‘This dog is retired.”

According to CMPD Animal Care and Control, they have two reports that Griffin’s previous owner filed, saying the dog bit him – once, after the man took away a shoe, and then, when he tried to get the dog off the bed.

Hickory Police said no one has been arrested, and they won’t even confirm if they’re investigating. The dog’s previous owner told FOX 46 Charlotte that Griffin is not aggressive, and the service dog has not been retired.

Griffin is now in the care of a service dog organization. Not only does Kristy have to pay back a $1,000 dollar loan, which she took out, to buy the dog, but she also has to explain to her daughter why Griffin has been taken away.

Kristy said, “It’s completely devastating. It’s heartbreaking. My daughter’s constantly asking me, ‘Where’s my dog mommy? Where’s the dog that’s supposed to make me feel better?”

Kristy’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page. According to that page, money donated will go toward paying back the loan spent to buy Griffin, getting Sara a new service dog, and helping with Sara’s medical expenses.

Fox 46 Charlotte is investigating possible fraud in the service dog industry. If you have a case you would like us to know about, send an email to newstips@myfoxcarolinas.com.