MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — Thousands of people are now out of work with COVID-19 changing our everyday lives. There is hope for those out of a job right now. FOX 46 found several businesses in the Charlotte area that are looking to hire for hundreds of open positions.

At Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville, they hope to add 250 seasonal employees. They also plan to add another 250 employees at their location in York County. Hiring will take place over the next five weeks.

“It’s very unique. We need people for about 8-10 weeks, which we believe will be the process for getting through this [COVID-19]. That might work well for folks looking for a short term alternative,” said Co-CEO, Abe VanWingerden.

VanWingerden told FOX 46 that although the positions are seasonal for now, they have a chance of turning to full-time employment. He says about 70% of their full-time workers started as seasonal employees.

Although the economy is taking a downturn from COVID-19, the greenhouse expects business to pick up based on past history.

“In 2008 we saw a lot of people staying home more. They traveled less, they went out to eat less and when they stayed home our business started to expand with gardening. People got to their house and wanted to do projects like gardening. It’s something you can spend a lot of time on and they really enjoy it,” said VanWingerden.

Among the top customers at Metrolina Greenhouses is Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Lowes.

Lowe’s announced in January they are hiring 53,000 seasonal employees at stores across the nation. FOX 46 stopped by the South Blvd. location in Charlotte where a sign was still up encouraging people to apply.

Just across the street, also along South Blvd, Autobell Car Wash has a sign up saying they are hiring.

One of the most recognizable brands, Amazon, announced they are hiring 100,000 workers due to high demand from COVID-19.

When FOX 46 stopped by the Amazon Distribution Center in west Charlotte an employee told us they are working overtime just to meet demand.