MOORESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Hundreds of Mooresville neighbors gathered at a vigil to remember fallen officer Wednesday evening.

Between the black and blue flags, shirts, and pictures of fallen Officer Jordan Sheldon, there was a lot of emotion on the lawn of the Mooresville Town Hall, much of it still raw.

Officers, chaplains, and Sheldon’s father were among those who spoke at the event. Harry Sheldon, the father, is still overcome with grief.

“This is a celebration; this is a victory,” Sheldon said.  

He says the hurt over what’s happened extends to his family, to those who knew his son, and to the shooter’s family, too.

“It’s a sad situation for everybody,” he says. 


Among those in the crowd Wednesday night was someone who could empathize with the Sheldon family, more than anyone else. Carol Barger’s husband was the last one killed in the line of duty, 45 years ago.

“It still hurts today, and it happened in 1974, and Mooresville stood behind me all those years, and I appreciated that,” Barger said. 

For many others here, it’s still difficult to comprehend.

“They’re sacrificing a lot, and sacrificing their life.” 

The fellowship is something that has surrounded the Sheldon family in the last few days, and something they won’t forget.

“Thank you, Mooresville. Thank you. Jordi loved you,” Sheldon said. 

Funeral services for Jordan Sheldon are set for 11 a.m. on Friday, May 10.