NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Last spring, American soccer star Hope Solo’s life fell apart. “Do not touch me. You touch me again and I’ll take you to jail,” the responding officer is observed saying in bodycam footage obtained by Queen City News.

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“You touched me, sir,” Hope Solo responds.

“Stop moving. Don’t move,” the officer said.

“You want us to put you in handcuffs now? We can handle it that way,” another officer said.

“No sir,” Solo said.

“Then chill,” the officer said.

“Because I have two kids,” Solo responds.

“Yeah, and you put them in this position, ma’am. We’re trying to handle it,” the officer said.

“….take a nap,” Solo said.

“No, because you’ve been drinking,” the officer said.

Later that night, police charged Hope Solo with drunk driving. But that same department fought to bury this footage. Why?

After six months and seven hearings in court, Queen City News can now show you what happened that night Solo was arrested and possibly why police tried so hard to hide it.

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