CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One by one, bags of essential child supplies put together here at the Bright Future Learning Center. 

“The children and the families are our main priority. It’s been one week so far and we haven’t had them here and we miss them like crazy,” said Crystal Dukes, the assistant director. “You never know what is going on at home so you just want to make sure things are good. As long as they are taking care of we are happy on this end,” she said.

The daycare getting results for their community bagging up diapers, wipes, baby food and even formula.

Jamissa McIver and her one-year-old son are some of those recipients.

“It’s a blessing and they are really helpful because with this crisis not knowing how long it’s going to be. they are being really supportive.

Across town in the Belmont neighborhood, Lauren McBee is doing her part to get results for people’s mental and physical wellness.

“Just for people to move their bodies right now is really important,” she said.

She says because of the coronavirus her Chatkia yogi class has moved virtual. She not only gets to keep doing what she loves, but she knows, now more than ever, how her class can have an impact on people’s lives.

“It’s been amazing the feedback from everybody. We are such a family and I swear I feel like it has brought us altogether and a little closer. We miss each other desperately,” McBee said.