MOORESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A surprise tribute to a fallen hero is moving Mooresville officers. The touching tribute was dedicated to Officer Jordan Sheldon.

Members of the Mooresville Police Department were surprised by the donation from a local man, wanting to share hope during this rough time. 

Jason Crago with Mirage Tactical Furniture, Inc in Mooresville pulled up with a gift for this department: A 25×48 end of watch plaque for the K9 officer who was killed in the line of duty. 

“They’re the ones that protect us from being in danger it’s a small community and I just wanted to do something and to let them know that we are thinking about them and thank them for what they do.


The handmade plaque displays the officer’s name, date of his death, picture and American flag.

The plaque was walked into the front doors of the police department and placed out front in the lobby until it finds a permanent location. Officers and employees were moved.

The pain in this community is still present. It’s only been days since officer Sheldon was shot and killed in the line of duty while conducting a routine traffic stop. Since then vigils, memorials and processions have taken place. His funeral is scheduled 11 a.m. on Friday, May 10. 

Wednesday evening, there was also a Celebration of Life event was also held on the Mooresville Town Hall lawn on Wednesday for the officer.