CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — They were once a popular home on wheels in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, but now Airstreams are making a comeback in some very unique ways.

From permanent homes to office spaces, the Queen City is embracing the recognizable silver tube, including in Camp North End.

Camp North End is 76 acres of space at a former factory just outside of Uptown. Restaurants and small businesses call the area home, but now Airstreams are being used for people looking for a small office space.

The area is known for the 240,000-square-foot building once used by the Ford Motor Company, which is easily enough for hundreds of office spaces. The trendy section of Charlotte is keeping true to its attitude by recommending small business owners with spaces that were once homes on wheels.

“We have something unique we want you to see and I came out to visit and this is it,” said business owner, Melissa Carnegie.

Carnegie was looking for her own space that was far away from her home office, which is when she reached out to leaders at Camp North End.

“A long six-year journey working from home. I was ready to get out and meet like-minded people,” said Carnegie.

About half a dozen other small business owners, just like Carnegie, also chose the Airstream office lifestyle. There are about half a dozen Airstreams lined up near the iconic water tower of Camp North End.

“I have seen a ton of airstreams gutted and redone and I love decor and interior decorating so I thought we could do some really cool things with it,” said Carnegie.

The inside is designed to be surprisingly spacious for a single office, while the shiny, silver exterior also serves a purpose with free advertising. Carnegie has put her business logos and website address all over the silver tube.

“People will come and knock and ask what Kicks & Fros is, so that is exciting to have my own marketing billboard right in Camp North End,” said Carnegie.

What curious people find out when they knock on the door is this the Airstream is an office for a lifestyle company that connects and educates Black women looking for their sneaker style (Kicks & Fros). It’s a unique business model, inside a retro space like is acting like a time machine.

“Major nostalgia from when I was a little girl. Just being able to be inside of one and creating those memories for myself,” said Carnegie.

Carnegie says leaders at Camp North End charge a flat rate for rent every month, which includes electric and internet service.