CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A Charlotte elementary school has received a brand-new mini-pitch thanks to Charlotte FC and the David and Nicole Tepper Foundation.

The pitch was unveiled to hundreds of students Tuesday afternoon at Nations Ford Elementary School.

“What’s special about having it at the elementary school is you can see them participating right away.  You hear the screaming, the yelling, the joy.  That is why we do it,” Charlotte FC president Joe LaBue said.

Nations Ford Elementary School principal Nick Paquette said his school represents 13 countries, and for many, soccer is the first thing that reminds them of home.

“Our students feel important, they feel seen. They feel like a piece of who they are is available to them, in the highest standard, in its highest form,” Paquette said.

The new turf is one of 22 mini pitches Charlotte FC has committed to putting in schools and neighborhoods across the Carolinas over the next couple of years.

Nations Ford Elementary’s pitch is number seven and is funded by Charlotte FC owner David Tepper and his wife Nicole’s foundation.

“To hear these screams and cheers and to hear smiles is everything,” Nicole Tepper said.

While he was there to witness the first match played on the brand-new pitch, David Tepper was asked about his thoughts on Charlotte FC’s inaugural season.

“It was a really exciting first season, the coach did a fantastic job at the end of the season bringing the club together,” Tepper said.  “We were on a little bit of a role.  We had three wins in a row, a five-game unbeaten streak, so to speak.”