CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police seized more than 50 cars during a “major operation” intended to crack down on organized aggressive driving and drag racing, police officials said Thursday.

The investigation into street racing ramped up last October when police said they received an uptick in complaints across the city.

Authorities said they were able to identify several people who gathered in multiple locations around Charlotte and engaged in high-speed street races. On Thursday, officers conducted a “regional roundup” of those people and their vehicles.

Police said the vehicles they seized were part of an organized national trend of sports car enthusiasts known as “hooning.” Officials described hooning as groups of drivers driving aggressively by doing burnouts, donuts, intersection and highway takeovers and street racing.

CMPD said the six-month operation led to more than 2,500 traffic stops resulting in 3,500 violations, including 2,100 speeding violations, 400 reckless driving violations, 32 DWI violations, 10 spontaneous racing violations and more than 1,000 other charges.

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CMPD said about 300 individuals will soon be receiving a warning letter from CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings detailing the types of charges they could face if they continue to engage in dangerous and reckless activities. These charges include but are not limited to: Aggressive and reckless driving and unlawful racing on streets and highways.

CMPD said they hope the crackdown will discourage others from taking part in this type of driving.