MOORESBORO, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Things got hairy when Cleveland County Sheriff’s deputies tried to serve a Jan. 13 domestic violence notice.

A suspect’s dog attacked a deputy, a fire started in the house, and authorities had to incapacitate the suspect with a TASER device.

First, the unnamed sergeant went to 2552 Whelchel Road to serve a domestic violence protection order on Aaron Lee Thomas at approximately 2:40 p.m. The 42-year-old man resisted the order and retreated into his residence.

Thomas came back out “aggressively wielding” a knife on one occasion and a knife and machete later.

During the incident, deputies saw smoke in the house before Thomas came out again. This time, Thomas held the dog while threatening to release it on the men. A deputy managed to use his TASER on Thomas, which hindered the man.

The man let go of his dog, and it went right for Deputy Robert Taylor. It bit Taylor and caused multiple puncture wounds. The dog’s actions forced another deputy to shoot and kill the canine.

As the deputies took Thomas into custody, they dragged him off as the fire engulfed the house.

Deputies arrested Thomas, who went to Atrium-Cleveland Medical Center for treatment of pre-existing medical conditions. Emergency personnel took Deputy Taylor to Atrium-Cleveland Medical Center, where he got treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

Thomas faces charges of second-degree arson, felony assault on a law enforcement officer with serious injury, felony assault on emergency personnel, and felony obstructing justice. Authorities served Thomas with a domestic violence protective order. However, he continues to receive treatment at Atrium-Cleveland. As such, he has not received a bond or been booked into the detention center yet.

In a press release, Sheriff Alan Norman said the agency serves over 70 domestic violence protective orders per month.

“Serving these protective orders has real potential for violence,” Norman said. “In this case, the man was only going to be evicted from the residence until he had his day in court due to allegations of domestic violence.”