CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — ‘Weld indications’ have been discovered on the Fury 325 coaster after a support column was replaced due to a crack found roughly one month ago.

The North Carolina Department of Labor confirmed with Queen City News that they were notified of a ‘weld indication’ found on the popular coaster this week.

A ‘weld indication’ could be either a break or a crack on the coaster, they said.

“No certificate of operation has been issued nor do we have a timeline of when the certificate of operation will be issued for the Fury 325,” the NC Department of Labor said on Friday.

Carowinds issued the following statement:

“We are conducting a full maintenance review of Fury 325 during this testing process. This maintenance review – which is consistent with routine off-season procedures – includes a review of the steel superstructure, the trains, and the ride control system.

During such reviews, it is not uncommon to discover slight weld indications in various locations of a steel superstructure. It is important to note that these indications do not compromise the structural integrity or safety of the ride.

When such indications are found, we conduct non-destructive testing to determine the appropriate remedy. Once a repair is completed, it undergoes inspection and approval before the ride is deemed operational. Additionally, as is customary, we conduct test cycles to ensure its smooth operation before guests are allowed on the ride.”

An apparent crack on a support beam can be seen on Carowinds’ Fury 325 coaster. (QCN)

This newly reported abnormality comes after a significant break was discovered by a parkgoer on a support beam for the roller coaster in late June into July.

Tests on Fury 325 began in mid-July after the broken support beam was replaced and a new one had been installed.

Approximately 500 test cycles had to be run, and then more inspections had to be conducted, both by Carowinds and the fabrication company Bolliger & Mabillard said.

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Carowinds issued the following statement:

“Carowinds continues to conduct a comprehensive series of detailed tests and inspections in preparation for the reopening of Fury 325. Each step of the process is under careful monitoring, with remedial action taken to ensure the structure’s safety and integrity.

Upon completion of this phase, the ride will undergo final inspections by the ride manufacturer, a third-party testing firm, and the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau, all aimed at preparing Fury 325 for its reopening.”

Carowinds said Fury 325 is North America’s tallest, fastest, and longest giga coaster. Riders reach a peak height of 325 feet following a dramatic 81-degree drop. The ride can reach speeds of up to 95 mph.

The N.C. Department of Labor said their investigation is still ongoing.