YORK COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The name Mike Doty still rings a bell in York County. 

“This is a special day for us because of Mike,” said long-time supporter Scott Gainey. 

On January 17, 2018, York County Sheriff’s deputy and detective Mike Doty lost his life. Doty died when a domestic violence suspect ambushed him and three other deputies.  

For the fifth straight year, friends and supporters of his and the Doty family hung out at Hobo’s, a family-owned restaurant in the county that Doty frequented.

“I moved here seven years ago,” former Westfield, N.J. police officer Patrick Gray said. “When I heard about Doty, I couldn’t believe it, so that’s why I wear my police hat today to back up Doty, and it means a lot to me to come here tonight. Every time they have that affair, I make sure I show up because I’m a retired policeman, you know.” 

When you first walk into Hobo’s, you’ll see blue lights everywhere. They’re not only inside the building but also surrounding the restaurant. Customers were also encouraged to wear blue support of detective mike doty and law enforcement.

“It’s nice for us to show Mike and the foundation he chooses some respect and some loyalty when we get his special day,” Gainey said. 

Every year since his death, Hobo’s has donated 20% of its revenue on the day of his passing — to substance abuse services like Keystone Substance Abuse Services of York County, a nonprofit organization near Doty’s heart.

Owner Jason Cloud says they’ll always continue to honor his legacy.

“It means more to the family than it does to us. We’re just trying to support the family to remember detective Doty and to honor what he did behind the scenes,” Cloud said.