CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CTIY NEWS) – Since Benjamin Damron’s arrest on Friday, there have been questions put to places he was reportedly a part of.

Damron, 36, a known drummer connected with at least three churches and a youth soccer group in Charlotte, was accused of sexually assaulting three teenage boys.

Benjamin Damron (Courtesy: Mecklenburg County Jail)

Neighbors told Queen City News that they saw police outside Damron’s home Friday but did not know why.

“(The neighbors) had no idea what was going on, and neither did we,” said William Regad, who lives near Damron’s address.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said that the cases involve incidents that happened at Damron’s home, along with locations in Matthews and Union County.

“There’s children that live right next to where this incident happened,” Regad noted. “There’s children here to the right of my place, and, at any given time, you’re going to see kids playing.”

The churches that Damron was known to have an affiliation or tie with include Elevation Church, Mercy Church, and Southbrook Church, along with the Soccer Shots of Charlotte soccer group (not to be confused with Soccer Shots of Greater Charlotte).

All the organizations condemned the crimes Damron is accused of and largely distanced themselves from him.

One church noted that Damron had only minor affiliations with them, while another stated any positions in leadership and subsequent separation from the church had happened years ago.

All noted that, to their knowledge, none of the victims were part of their organizations.

Damron was released on bond on Saturday.

Queen City News stopped by his home, but no one came to the door.