CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Charlotte is less than two days away from hosting one of the biggest golf events in history. Tuesday, fans got to head to Quail Hollow Club to watch the U.S. Team and International Team during their practice rounds.

“I love playing golf and my favorite club is the driver because I get to hit it really hard and stuff,” said a young fan, Lydia Allen.

Whether they’re avid golfers or new to the game, thousands showed up to Quail Hollow Club to get a glimpse of the first day of practice for the Presidents Cup.

Presidents Cup set to tee off

“Fashion is important,” said new fan Frederika Angus. “Fashion is one of the most important parts in golfing,” she said as she shopped in the fan shop.

The competition, which pits the U.S. team against an international team, has a mixed format of foursomes, four-ball and singles matches.

Watching the teams hit the course for practice, some golfers in the gallery hoped to gain some knowledge of the game.

“The thoughts they got going through their heads are a lot different than what’s going on in mine,” said Crawford Prezioso.

What Queen City News found is that some were either new to golf like Allen who said, “I’m still learning because most of my shots aren’t that good.” Or they were suddenly inspired to pick it up, like Angus. “Now I’m thinking about moving more into that arena,” she said, “because just being in this place, like I said, the energy is really great here.”

Quail Hollow Club has so far surpassed fans’ expectations. The first tee alone has the biggest buildout in President’s Cup history with a capacity of 2,500.

“My dad showed me where the first hole is. It’s like a freaking stadium! It’s big!” Allen said.

Fans are impressed with the course, but what about the golfers?

“It’s amazing!” said Justin Thomas. “They’ve done an unbelievable job, and the PGA Tour sets the course up this week, so that is one thing I actually learned this year about the Presidents Cup,” he continued. “It’s not like the Ryder Cup where whoever is hosting is very heavily influencing what is going on, but the Tour and Quail Hollow did an unbelievable job of just getting this place in unbelievable condition.” Teams will have one more day of practice before competition begins Thursday afternoon.