CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Less than one day before Thanksgiving, and sweets are one thing on everyone’s mind.

“It’s a bourbon chocolate pecan pie, so I am really excited.  It looks really delicious,” Grace Bolin said.

Setting the table will take some pre-planning and some Batchmaker customers did not take any chances.

“I had it in a reminder on my phone in my calendar right when it went live, they sell out in a couple of minutes usually,” Bolin said.

Employees at the Charlotte bakery call it their Super Bowl. Days leading up to the holiday known for sweets typically means pies fly off the shelves.

“They had a girl at the door, and she was like, ‘are you here for pre-orders only because they sold out of everything else. They had only chocolate chip cookies, so we had to snap those as well,” Christiansen said.

“Today we didn’t have to wait too long. I think we were probably 10 minutes,” Laura Christiansen said. “We would have waited longer wouldn’t we, because we know how good it is.”

Wednesday’s rush was a completely different scene compared to the bakery’s Thanksgiving Eve last year.

Last November, heavy rain flooded its previous location on Bryant Street. Just last month, the new location opened on Berryhill Road.

“It’s lovely to see and the whole area right behind you is going to be all reinvigorated and a lot of new businesses coming it. It’s great that the batch house is open and ready to rock,” Ben Tacka said.

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