MONROE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – For the first time we’re seeing bodycam footage from the moments police were called to multiple disturbances involving a Monroe City council member earlier this month.

The bodycam videos were released Thursday, Sept. 16, at the request of the Monroe Police Department. On that day, Monroe officers responded to the Fairfield Inn, the home of Monroe Council Member Angelia James, and Atrium Health Union Hospital for reports of disturbances that involved James.

The initial 911 call was for ‘disturbing the peace’ at the Fairfield Inn located at 1825 Williams Road. The person disturbing the peace was identified as James by Monroe Police. As officers arrived to the hotel, they said James told them “felons were on site and needed to be arrested.”

When questioned by officers on how she knew they were felons, James said “God spoke to her,” and told her. Monroe Police were able to confirm individuals at the hotel identified by James were not felons.

Medic also responded to the scene and examined James at the hotel. In the video, an EMT is observed saying James’ vitals were elevated, but they could not force her to go to the hospital.

While outside the hotel, James continued to insist that “God spoke to her” and there were “felons on site that needed to be arrested, and one had committed a murder,” authorities said.

While at the hotel, several officers were informed by James that they were being “demoted, fired, promoted, or would be fired.” At 15 minutes, 49 seconds bodycam video shows James discussing this.

James left the hotel with her husband, but police were then called to her home, and then eventually to Atrium Health Union Hospital after James was taken there for medical assistance, authorities said.

Around two minutes and 17 seconds into the video, hospital staff is observed saying that James was entering other patients rooms without permission at the hospital.

“We can’t just have you going into other people’s rooms, OK?” one hospital staff member said.

James then asks if she can take her face mask off. The hospital employee says she cannot, to which James responds back by saying, “Oh, well I am.” She then points to another officer and says, “He’s losing his job.”

At six minutes and 38 seconds into the video, James is observed pointing at several officers saying, “He’s already fired, you’re going to be fired, you going to be fired, and you’re going to be fired.”

There are close to 30 bodycam videos that have been released by the City of Monroe on these reported disturbances. To watch all videos in their entirety, click here.

“No Council Member of the City of Monroe has the ability to fire a City employee. None of the employees at the Police Department, including the Chief, were fired. The authority to hire and fire City employees, except for the City Clerk and City Attorney, lies solely with the Interim City Manager,” the City of Monroe said.

Monroe Council Member Angelia James is running for the Mayor of Monroe.

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