CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Novant Health announced this week a surprise reward, which gives full-time team members the option of an additional week of paid time off (PTO) or an equivalent cash award.

This $40 million investment is one of the multiple new incentives the health care system has introduced to support front-line workers and team members during this pandemic, Novant Health said.
“The pandemic has highlighted our commitment to our people credo, which states that our business is the care of all people, starting with our team members,” said Armato. “We recognize that we must care for our team members first so that they are able to care for others.”

Novant Health President and CEO Carl S. Armato made the announcement at a weekly town hall, which is a live Zoom call where all members can hear directly from leadership about the system’s pandemic response.

“These town halls were designed to be a two-way conversation. I hope today’s surprise announcement demonstrates to all team members that, ‘We hear you, we value you, and we are here to support you,’” added Armato. “From the team member who had to take off an unexpected week to home-school their child — to the team member who took a week off to recover from illness but didn’t get to see the family they wanted — all team members should have needed time to prioritize their well-being and focus on self-care.”  

All team members, assistant director level and below are eligible, and part-time workers will receive an additional 24 hours of PTO or the cash equivalent, Novant Health said.