YORK COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Deputies in York County were doing a welfare check when they said they came across an armed man, leading to gunshots.

The State Law Enforcement Division in South Carolina said that the man that was shot was the subject of a welfare check and he had to be flown to Charlotte after shots were fired.

As deputies and state investigators peeled through what happened right off a stretch of a York County highway, there were a lot of people with some idea of what happened, but not the full story. “They were out searching for someone,” a neighbor told FOX 46.

He lives near the scene and did not want to be identified. He said he saw at least six deputies and whatever happened, happened right out of his sight.

Maps show a dirt road or path right behind the home.

“Next thing I know, they take off in their vehicle behind the property across the road from us, and pretty much as that happened, right at the same time, shots were fired,” he said. “Several shots fired.”

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York County deputies sad they were doing a wellness check at an address along E Hwy 324. They found the man they were looking for, but SLED said he was armed.

Investigators said deputies shot the man, who had to be airlifted because of his serious injuries. The deputies involved were not hurt.

This is highly unusual. It happened in a somewhat remote section of York County where people said they enjoy their peace and quiet.

Shooting in York County Friday

“You hear people shooting all the time, but it’s target practice and people sighting their rifles for deer hunting and stuff like that. Nothing for what just happened here earlier.”

York County deputies are not providing any more details on the reason for the welfare check and there is no word yet on how the man that was shot is doing.

SLED is investigating the case, though, which is standard procedure.