CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- If you’ve spent any time in Uptown, you’ve probably seen and heard the man who holds a “Jesus Saves” sign. His name is Sam Bethea and he tells FOX 46 he was recently attacked by protestors.

Sam is in good spirits despite what happened to him Wednesday. He says right now, we all need to listen to each other, and come together because he says eternal life is what really matters.

Sam’s loud chant and tricycle are a staple of Uptown Charlotte for many. On the back is a sign that says, ‘Jesus Saves,’ and the man riding it truly believes that.

“I call it proclaiming. I don’t holler, I don’t yell, I don’t scream at nobody. People like to say I’m hollering and yelling and screaming but I call it proclaiming. It’s not protesting,” Sam said.

That voice was met with resistance during a protest Wednesday. Sam says it’s because he didn’t have the same message as protesters Wednesday night.

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“My message is Jesus Saves, Jesus loves you. I’m trying to tell the young folks and all those protesting that He is the answer, you know? But they can’t feel it. You know? They say the volume is too loud and they say I steal their platform and all. I say, “if I was saying Black Lives Matter,” they wouldn’t tell me to shut up.”

He says protestors sprayed him with silly string and poured flour on him as he shouted “Jesus Saves.”

“With the protesters, you know, I welcome them. For me, it’s a bigger platform than what I normally have being everyday Uptown. So, I’m out here with the same simple message. Good news, Jesus Saves and Jesus loves you.”

Sam was arrested 29 times in Charlotte and turned his life around. He says for the last four years, he’s been on the streets in a different way.

“It’s simple for me, it’s the love of Christ you know? The lord saved me from that street life and I’m so grateful and that’s what he called me to do. Come back to the street and tell the real story.”