CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 Charlotte) – Police haven’t said if these two men are part of a larger crime ring but it was a brazen crime, and investigators credit an alert shopper for giving them a lead in the case. 

Two days later, and security is a little tighter at the Gucci store in SouthPark mall. Even with ropes helping to form a line. The men who made off with merchandise had a plan.

“They waited in patiently until they got to the front,” said Detective Adrian Johnson, with the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department. “When they got to the front, they jumped the ropes, went inside the store, and started taking items off the shelves.”

The men got away with $16,000 worth of merchandise, seven purses, but they didn’t expect an alert shopper to get a picture as they escaped.

“This brave person stepped up took a picture of that gentleman, directly in his face and got it to us as soon as possible,” said Johnson

Since posting the photo on social media, CMPD says they’ve received numerous tips and investigators are working through the evidence.

“We have several leads in this case and we’re looking at everyone. It may take some time and it may not it’s just depending on how fast we can work through everything that we have, every piece of evidence.”

Even though police feel like they may be close to solving the crime, they say every bit of information helps. If you know anything CMPD is asking you to call crime stoppers.