CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The complaints continue to pile up against an appliance repairman FOX 46 has been investigating. The Attorney General filed a lawsuit against John Jackson, and a judge banned him from doing repair work in the state of North Carolina.

In the meantime, FOX 46 continues to hear from more customers who say he ripped them off too.

“I think the response from the police department was poor,” Bill White told FOX 46, “I really think he needs to be pursued aggressively.”

White wasn’t thrilled when he found out he was swindled out of nearly $300.

His fridge stopped working, so he said he called John Jackson, because Jackson advertised that he worked weekends. White says Jackson looked at the fridge, and told him this:

“I would need to pay him for the parts,” White recalled. “so he could order them. Then he would come back and repair the refrigerator,” he continued, “so I gave him a check for $292 on April 1st — very appropriate date. He never came back.”


When he brought his complaint to the Mooresville Police Department, he was disappointed again.

“Unless he was caught in a traffic stop or something, they were not going to pursue arresting him,” White said.

Numerous customers say Jackson takes money for repair jobs he never completes; so many, the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Jackson in late August.

There are 12 active warrants out for Jackson’s arrest; nine are out of Mecklenburg County. FOX 46 was able to track down where Jackson lived, and got him on the phone after he dodged us in person. When we asked CMPD about those active warrants, however, they said there are “no updates at this time” and “no arrests have been made.”

“I appreciate what the media is doing,” White said. “Investigative reporting: They speak to those of us who do not have a voice. You consolidate the crimes together, and put it in one package, so the court can really see what’s going on,” he said. “You call out the people who are not doing their job, and that’s wonderful,” he continued, “that’s what we need; we need more of that.”

There is good news for consumers who believe they were duped by this man. They can join the Attorney General’s lawsuit, just call 1-877-566-7226.