CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — More than 12,000 people came to the Billy Graham Library over the past two days to remember the late Reverend Billy Graham, according to officials, as his closed casket sat inside his childhood home on the Library property.

“He was a great preacher and he was important to all people,” said 9-year-old Jace Schoenberger, who came with his grandmother.

Schoenberger understands the message of the late Rev. Billy Graham better than most people more than twice his age.

“His speech he says when people say ‘I died, don’t believe them, because I just started living’ by going back into heaven and going to a better place.”

Schoenberger got a Bible from the Billy Graham Library that he carries with him to church and school.

He and his grandmother are some of the thousands of people who have come to pay their respects as Rev. Graham lies in repose at his childhood home on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library.

Former President Bill Clinton paid a visit to Graham’s casket Tuesday.

President Clinton said. “Hillary and I were glad to have him (Graham) in the White House a couple times, but mostly I was glad to see that in that little room, he was the same person I saw when I was 11 at that great, big football field.’

Those who didn’t attend Graham’s crusades saw him on TV and on the radio like 91-year-old Irene Howell.

“I’ve listened to him all my life,” Howell said.

Gerald Petrovich, who lives in Charlotte, said, “He was just an important part of our life.”

Petrovich went on to say of Graham, “He was just like a treasure to the whole world.”