MULLINS, S.C. (WBTW) — Mullins Mayor Robert L. Woodberry wrote a letter on his social media about gun violence and how it has affected the city.

Woodbery said he wrote the letter with a heavy heart and is deeply saddened by recent gun violence that has shaken his “beloved city.”

Marion County Sheriff deputies say a person died earlier this month in a shooting that also injured two people. The town boasts a 4,026 population according to the 2020 census.

“Our community has endured pain, loss, and fear, and I want you to know we are all in this together,” he said. “Gun violence affects each and every one of us, regardless of where we live or who we are. Regardless of our beliefs or skin color, it still has an unimaginable impact on us all. It has no boundaries.”

Woodberry said gun violence tears at the fabric of our society and leaves scars that run deep, regardless of our circumstances. But he said he firmly believes that in our unity lies strength, and it is only by coming together that we can overcome these challenges.

“I want to reassure you that our community leaders, along with law enforcement, organizations, and concerned citizens, are joining hands to put a comprehensive plan of action into place,” Woodberry said. “This plan will focus on prevention, intervention, and support for those affected by gun violence.”

Woodberry said to remember that it takes everyone working together to make it happen.

“It’s not just the responsibility of our government or law enforcement,’ he said. ” It’s a collective effort. Reach out to your neighbors, support one another, create outlets for our young people, and be vigilant for signs of trouble. We are a resilient community, and we will not be defined by these tragic and senseless events.”

Gun violence affects mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, spouses, and friends, Woodberry said.

“Those impacted the most are our children,” he said. “The same children who will then have to grow up without a mother or a father. As a community, we can change this. This does not have to be our reality. This will not be our Mullins.”

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Together, Woodberry said the community can join forces to create a more peaceful city for the present and future generations.

“Let us turn our grief into determination and our fear into hope. We are stronger when we stand as one,” he said. “Together, we will make a real difference.”

Just recently in Mullins, four men are wanted in connection with an armed home invasion.