CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — You may want to think twice before grabbing something to eat at Bank of America Stadium or the Spectrum Center. 

Major food safety violations happened from 2016-2017 but its coming to light before some major sporting events, like the NBA All Star game at the Spectrum Center in February and also Monday Night Football at Bank of America Stadium next week. Offenses include beer dripping from ceiling, moldy cream cheese, raw food and bad hygiene. 

“We take pride in our city and you would think the owners of such big establishments would take pride too,” Jay Johnson, a Charlotte resident.

Mecklenburg County health inspection reports obtained by Fox46 Charlotte detail 25 food safety violations at the Spectrum Center from 2016-2017, 23 of those violations are major concerns. Fouls include beer leaking from the ceiling and quote “consistent failure” to document when food should be cooked or thrown away.

“I think it’s really disgusting,” said Demarco Bennet-Rick, a Charlotte neighbor. 

The Spectrum Center’s concession partner Levy released a statement: 

We work diligently with the local Mecklenburg County health department and employ third-party sanitation experts that evaluate our facilities regularly to ensure a safe environment for our guests.  There is a great deal of subjectivity in reporting food-safety inspections across jurisdictions, which makes it incredibly difficult to normalize scores across many counties and states.  During the two-year period included in this report (2016 and 2017), Spectrum Center received a grade of A on every inspection of every individual concession stand, portable cart and prep kitchen.  Any concern that was identified was corrected immediately, and in no instance was a re-inspection deemed necessary.

And at Bank of America Stadium, inspectors also threw a flag on 69 violations, 57 were high-level, sighting moldy cream cheese and employees who didn’t wash their hands tackle food. 

“That’s kinda how diseases and stuff are spread,” said Nicole Renzull. 

Now fans who frequent these arenas are calling for change.  

“I hope they do what they need to make the corrections,” said Johnson. 

A report from ESPN reveals that they’re some of the worst offenders as far as food safety in sports venues around the country. 

The report looked at more than 110 stadiums and arenas for professional football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. The Spectrum Center in uptown topped the list with a 92% violation rate.

Bank of America Stadium wasn’t much better, scoring a violation rate of 83%.