CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — There have been 321 shootings in Charlotte this year, 33 of which were homicides. On Tuesday, the NAACP hosted an event to discuss the growing gun violence and make a plea for it to stop. 

At the event, NAACP chapter president Corrine Mack addressed not only a big concern for the African-American community, but everyone else who has seen this rash of gun violence hit Charlotte.

“We’re talking about all of us taking accountability– for every life in this city,” Mack said. 

And deadly or not, the hundreds of shootings have left many in the community feeling unsafe. 

“We’re being killed every single day. We’re living in fear every single day,” Mack said. 

Some also say their fear and discomfort was compounded after a CMPD officer shot and killed Danquirs Franklin last week.

“I have had a gun pulled on me by a police officer,” UNCC student Kalyk Banks said. 

The hurt in the community has left people looking for answers, from authorities and from each other, and there was a there was a call to end gun violence of all types. 

“They’re here to protect the community and they’re obviously not doing that if there’s this much gun violence,” Banks said. 

But at the end, leaders put a concentration on healing.

CMPD is due to talk about crime stats Wednesday morning. FOX 46 will be asking them about the number of shootings and what’s behind the spike.