ROCK HILL, N.C. — A 71-year old man is speaking out to FOX 46 Charlotte after he was held at gunpoint and forced out of his home, naked, in the middle of the night – by Rock Hill Police officers before they searched his home without a warrant back on June 3.

“Every one of them that came into my house that night should be fired,” Rock Hill resident Jethro William DeVane said.

Rock Hill P.D. said officers were dispatched to 731 Douglas St. in reference to four juvenile suspects who may have broken into a car.

An incident report read that the vehicle’s owner said she left her doors unlocked and while she didn’t observe anything missing, the dashboard had been damaged.

While speaking with this resident, the report read that an officer spotted four juveniles running on Lucky Lane and informed officers circulating the area. Officers searched the area but “did not see anyone” according to an incident report.

The frightening moments for DeVane happened next.

“I was tired, sleeping,” DeVane said. “I don’t have no clothes on. I’m naked as a jaybird…and I just laid there and I’m looking at the light.”

DeVane said he woke up from the flashlights police were using to search the neighborhood. Officers were near his backyard off Barber Street when he said he opened his back door – but officers saw the door open and believed their juvenile suspects could’ve been hiding out inside.

That’s when Officer Vincent Mentesana ran towards the back door after being called in by one of his fellow officers.

“Rock Hill Police, let me see your hands. Let me see your f—— hands,” Mentesana can be heard shouting from his body camera footage. “Get out. Get out. Don’t f—— shut that door, get out.”

DeVane obtained the body camera footage from the Rock Hill Police Department and turned it over to FOX 46.

DeVane could be heard on the footage telling officers that it was his home.

“Come out of the house, come out of the house,” Mentesana said. “Face the house. Come out of the house. Who else is in here? Just you?”

Mentesana kept DeVane up against a wall, at gunpoint, while additional officers searched his home –without asking to enter and without a warrant.

“The reason we did that was because we got a group of four juveniles, well, we think, four males, running around and trying to break into cars,” Mentesana is heard telling DeVane on body camera footage.

“I’m 71-years old, man, are you crazy?” DeVane relayed to FOX 46. “They still did not have no business in there.

“[The officer] could’ve blew my brains out back there and all six of them would tell a lie.”

DeVane filed a complaint with Rock Hill P.D. In the response from Chief Chris Watts, which DeVane provided to FOX 46, the Department found that Officer Mentesana was “discourteous” to DeVane but said there was no improper search.

Rock Hill P.D. has, repeatedly, declined to interview with FOX 46 about this story – only providing a statement over email.

“Rock Hill Police Officers responded to a call for service on Douglas Street at 3:55 am, where the complainant reported to dispatch his vehicle had just been broken into by 4 subjects, possibly juveniles. Our officers began responding to the area and were updated the subjects were walking on Lucky Lane. One of our officers observed the subjects on Lucky Lane as the subjects fled on foot. Our officer gave pursuit on foot and the subjects ran behind 236 Lucky Lane. During this foot pursuit, additional officers were responding to the area to assist in apprehension.  These officers arrived in the area and were going into the backyard of 236 Lucky Lane where the subjects just ran. As the officers continued through the backyard, they came upon 237 Barber Street, which is directly behind 236 Lucky Lane. The officers observed the grass to be uncut, a swimming pool unmaintained, and the door of the residence standing completely open. There were no lights on inside the residence or outside the residence. Officers believed the residence to be unoccupied.

“Our officers focused on the residence due to the circumstances which lead them there. With the reasonable belief the subjects could have run inside the residence, the residence appearing to be abandoned, and in the interest of public safety to make sure no one else was inside being harmed, our officers decided to physically check the residence. While making approach, they encountered Mr. DeVane who appeared in the doorway, only being illuminated by the officer’s flashlights. All the lights to residence were still off. Mr. DeVane was detained by officers for safety as the residence was still not cleared. Officers then conducted a protective sweep of the residence. Once officers were able to verify Mr. DeVane’s identity and account of his being at the residence they left the scene and continued checking the area for the subjects who broke into the vehicle.”

DeVane said the lights were off inside the residence because it was the middle of the night. He maintained that his door was only opened after he woke up from light shining through the windows on the side of his home – and he opened it to see what was going on outside.

FOX 46 reached out to attorney Walter Bowers, who used to be a CMPD officer, to receive his opinion of the video.

Bowers said, from what he saw, officers did not have the authority to enter DeVane’s home.

“The video certainly does not give us anything to support that they were in hot pursuit,” Bowers said. “It does not support an exigent circumstance and without a doubt, the homeowner did not give consent.”

FOX 46 has requested the names of officers who entered DeVane’s home. Officer Mentesana remained outside while holding DeVane at gunpoint as others entered.

Mentesana has been with the department since 2/29/16. Rock Hill P.D. would not provide FOX 46 with any possible punishment that Mentesana may have received for being “discourteous” to DeVane.

“He needs to resign,” DeVane said. “He needs to be fired.”

FOX 46’s investigation is getting results, gaining the attention of state lawmakers and local activists.

“This has to be one of the most troubling things I’ve seen,” South Carolina State Representative John Richard C. King said. “Notwithstanding the obvious problems, these officers were looking for kids breaking into cars and this is an elderly man, 71-years old inside of his home. They instantly treated him less than a human in my opinion.”

King said he will be talking with Chief Watts.

“It’s up to the Chief of Police to make sure that this never happens again,” King said.

King has not ruled out writing a letter to SLED to ask for an investigation into Rock Hill P.D. and the matter.

“They unprofessionally cursed him for no reason and at the end of the video, they were laughing.

“Now, we do understand that law enforcement is a dangerous job and I understand that and it’s complicated by lack of visibility at night but there is zero excuses under these circumstances for this kind of conduct by a local law enforcement officer.”

Civil rights activist John Barnett believes the department needs more training.

“The police department in Rock Hill needs not only a sensitivity class but they need extreme diversity training,” Barnett said.

Barnett believes officers wouldn’t have been as aggressive if DeVane were not a minority living in a low-income neighborhood.

“Those officers would have asked politely,” Barnett said. “They would’ve made sure that person was covered and dressed.”