The North Carolina Superintendent of Education says schools are getting extra cleanings to prevent the coronavirus from reaching schools, and parents can help too by sending children to school with disinfecting wipes and keeping them home when they’re sick.

“We are being more vigilant about wiping down surfaces that might come into a lot of contact with students,” said Mark Johnson, NC Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Johnson says the state has never had to shut down multiple schools for a health emergency, but they’re prepared in case that has to be done because of the coronavirus.

“If heaven forbid this does come up in a school, whether it’s a teacher or a student, we will immediately go to that school in that local district and take the steps necessary.”

No cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in North or South Carolina.

Some schools in Washington state have shut down as a precaution for deep cleanings and an entire district is set to close for training Tuesday.

The North Carolina Education Superintendent is asking parents for help in stopping the spread of germs.

“One thing parents can do to help, if they want to, is send your child to school with a box of tissues, send them to school with a carton of disinfecting wipes,” said Johnson.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster held a meeting Monday to discuss the state’s public health emergency plan. An infectious disease doctor and state emergency officials are ready to respond.

“We just urge everybody to stay calm. Don’t get excited. This is another new thing but it’s so easy to protect yourself, and we hope we don’t have any cases in South Carolina,” McMaster said.