CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- North Carolina shattered a surprising record in 2020.

Amid all of the harsh economic times the COVID-19 pandemic created, a record number of people started new businesses in the state.

According to numbers pulled from the Secretary of State’s office, 127,000 new businesses registered in 2020. That’s the first time the state has ever had more than 100,000 new businesses.

“Given everything that’s going on, I didn’t expect people to have the courage to open new businesses at this time,” said Justin Honigstein, a man who himself had the courage.

Honigstein is the general manager of Jam Box, a shared music space that opened in Charlotte in August.

The inspiration for the co-music spot comes from its parent company, the storage giant Morningstar Properties. The storage company often allows bands to practice in their units.

When it came time to open the first ever location, Honigstein says they focused on music teachers impacted by the pandemic.

“Sometimes it’s uncomfortable for students to go into a music teacher’s home, especially in this time,” Honistein said. “So we thought a clean neutral ground would be perfect for them.”

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Expansion seems to be everywhere in the Charlotte region.

Six new stores opened at the Blakeney Shopping Center in Ballantyne and the first seltzery on the east coast, Summit Seltzer, opened in Charlotte in September.

In Belmont, business is booming. A $43 million construction project is ongoing at Chronicle Mills, where the building is being turned into a retail space with more than 240 apartments.

“It definitely makes me feel like I made a good decision opening a business in these crazy times,” said Matthew Wiegert, who recently opened his store Fish Geeks on Main Street.