CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- FOX 46 has uncovered new details concerning a massive multi-state drug ring involving clubs, cocaine, fentanyl and murder.

Six people were arrested in the Charlotte area in connection to the shocking case involving drug trafficking and the death of a federal officer. Four of them are being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail.       

Part of the story takes place in Ohio and part of it here in Charlotte. One of the suspects is a well-known figure in town and the others arrested are his business partners, and according to the feds, in more ways than one.

People living in the Steele Creek neighborhood where officers were investigating say that they had no idea what was happening Wednesday morning at the home. They say there were a bunch of unmarked cars and what looked like agents.

“It was happening in my neighborhood. I am quite shocked,” one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous told FOX 46.


Noah Sherrill, Shawn Walton, Louis Walton, and Glynn Sewell are among the six rounded up in this case, accused of getting cocaine and fentanyl from California and Texas, bringing it to Charlotte, then repacking and re-selling it in the Carolinas and southern Ohio.

The other two men arrested in the case are Roger Walton, Jr. of Concord and Rauland Pollard III, a native of Ohio.

“The epidemic we have with prescription drugs, but drugs in general, and I’ve seen first-hand what it does to the person that’s addicted, as to the family members.  It’s atrocious.”

Federal officials say a number of seizures happened in Ohio that led to this, including one that happened back in November of last year that killed a DEA officer.

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The men are also accused of funneling money through businesses between 2014 and this month, one of which is a LLC attached to White House night club on Wilkinson Boulevard where at least three of the suspects had an active part in at one point or another.

FOX 46 spoke off-camera with people that knew them. They say they are shocked by what was detailed in the indictment.

That indictment indicated that at least one of the suspects lived at an address in the Steele Creek neighborhood.

Neighbors who now know why police were in their area Wednesday are dumbfounded, and angry.

“At some point, it has to stop,” a neighbor said.

FOX 46 was told the group made $700,000 total in the operation and with the charges they’re facing, they’re looking at, a minimum, 10 years to life.