ANAHEIM, Calif. (FOX 11) — For the first time in years, 18-year-old Bianca Mendoza says things are looking up. She says she escaped from a man in early February who pimped her out for years. Police arrested him days after she ran away, saying he was trafficking three girls, including a 15-year-old. His name is Ariel Guizar. Guizar is charged with pimping a minor, pandering, forcible rape along with felony drug and weapons charges. In response to questions about his charges public defender Melani Bartholomew gave FOX11 a “no comment.” Guizar and a woman who allegedly worked for him were arrested after members of the Orange County Human Trafficking Taskforce conducted a sting operation at the Ramada Inn on Harbor Avenue in Anaheim on February 11th.

Christine O’Donnell posted the uncut raw version of Bianca’s interview: WATCH THE FULL, UNCUT INTERVIEW HERE.  

RAW VIDEO: Bianca Mendoza, 18, was 16-years-old when police say she was forced to prostitute herself. Normally, we don’t identify victims, but she wanted to put her face out there to speak to teens like her. Investigators from the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force say Bianca’s “pimp” Ariel Guizar, 35, may have hundreds of victims in California. If you know anything about Guizar or possible victims contact Crimestoppers. Call 1-855-TIP-OCCS or email occrimestoppers@org. FULL STORY:*NOTE* This video is slightly edited to exclude suspect names or information that may hurt the investigation.))

Posted by Christine O’Donnell on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mendoza told FOX 11 that Guizar was known on social media as #ShyBoy or #Shy119. “I call him Shy. That’s how everyone calls him,” Mendoza said. The teen tells us she first met Guizar on Instagram when she was just 15-years-old. “I came across his tattoo page on Instagram and he started commenting on mine and we started exchanging pictures,” Mendoza said. 

Unhappy at home after years of being in and out of the court system, she ran away from her mother’s home and agreed to meet up with the then-33-year-old man. She thought they would have a relationship, but she soon learned the situation was not what she expected. “Once we met,” Mendoza said. “He would have sex with the other girls in front of me and I was just like ah ‘okay, it’s not like how I thought,’ and that’s when he had his friends go to the hotel room and have them do whatever they wanted with me and when I told him about it, he didn’t care,” Mendoza said. It was that same day, in a motel in San Jose, Ca, when she says she first started prostituting for him. “The first time I worked for him I only had like probably like five to eight guys a day,” Mendoza said. 

Taskforce Investigators say Guizar advertised Bianca and other girls on Backpage and his social media accounts. FOX 11 found graphic posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Mendoza tells us he posted a video of her having sex with a client while she was still underage. 

She say she tried to leave and he forced her to stay. “Shy told me that if I had anybody come and pick me up that he would kill them before they took off with me,” Mendoza said. On February 7th, after two years of working for Guizar, Mendoza says she and another girl escaped from a motel in Anaheim after she says he threatened to kill them both. Four days later, she turned on the TV to see he was behind bars.

“I started crying, not because I was sad for him, but because i’m relieved, I feel like okay, he’s locked up. I can go back to living my life. I don’t have to worry about him.  I feel relieved and free,” Mendoza said. When asked why she agreed to do this interview, Mendoza says she’s worried for other girls like her. “If a guy loves you he wouldn’t have you having sex for money. He would want to be your only one,” Mendoza said.

Guizar is scheduled to be back in court (CJ1) on March 4th at 10:00 a.m. 

If you know anythiing about Guizar or his victims contact Crimestoppers. 

Call 1-855-TIP-OCCS or email occrimestoppers@org.

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