HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A man was shot and killed in a Huntersville Walmart, and now, no one will be charged with his death.

The parents of Jaylin Craig say their son was a fan of the rapper Jonathan Kirk, who goes by the name ‘DaBaby’, before he was reportedly shot and killed by him. 

On Thursday, a key witness failed to show up in court and the state dismissed the charges against Kirk. 

“We feel like we didn’t get any justice. To have the guy look at us in court with a smirk, like he won that battle,” mom Lawana Horsley said. 

The family was left heartbroken after the charges were dropped.

“Angry, upset,” said Jaylin’s father Curtis Craig.  

His parents sat lifeless in their home. Outside the courthouse, Kirk walked free.

LINK: Charges dropped in deadly Huntersville Walmart shooting

The fatal incident happened back in November inside a Huntersville Walmart. Jaylin’s parents saw security video, and say he was trying to diffuse the fight before he was shot and killed.

“The rapper instigated it and started it and attacking my son’s friend– the first punch,” his father said. 

No one knows what started the fight, “But everyone ran with it because the rapper said it was a robbery. There was never a robbery. Ever,” said Horsley. 

The family says a key witness, a Walmart employee, did not show up to court to testify. Also not seen in court was the Walmart security video.

Loved ones describe Craig as a normal 19-year-old. 

“No one could say anything bad about Jaylin,” Horsley said. “He just had the coolest demeanor, with the million-dollar smile. He didn’t smoke or anything because he didn’t want mess up those teeth, he had a perfect set of teeth.” 

His parents are pushing for justice. 

“We’re not going to stop fighting. We’re not going to stop fighting.”  

The district attorney says no other charges will be filed in the deadly shooting. Jaylin’s parents are continuing to ask anyone with information or anyone who was at the Walmart that night to come forward.