NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Nine-banded Armadillos are on the move!

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is asking for your help finding them.

According to the NCWRC, in 2007, the agency had its first confirmed sighting of a Nine-banded Armadillo in Macon County. In the last 16 years, they’ve received 898 reports in 70 counties.

What are Nine-banded Armadillos?

“A unique mammal, with its armor-like skin and long, scaly tail,” NCWRC wrote.

These animals, nicknamed the ‘armored pig,’ often travel slowly in an erratic pattern and can sometimes be heard grunting… like a pig.

If you see one, officials ask you to report it, as they’re becoming more common.

In a 2022 update, the number of counties with confirmed observations went from 26 (2021) to 28 (2022).

(Courtesy: NCWRC)

From 2007 to 2022, 49% of armadillo reports were of those deceased; vehicle collisions were the primary cause at 98%.

Officials advise it is possible to co-exist with these creatures, and most interactions with them are harmless; however, some conflicts may occur.

When armadillos forage for food, they dig into the ground, which could damage lawns, landscaping, or tree roots. If you experience any of these issues, officials say to call the Wildlife Helpline at 1-866-318-2401.

There are no effective repellents, NCWRC said.