GREENSBORO, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Donald Trump is expected to be in North Carolina in the next 24 hours for the state’s Republican Party Convention in Greensboro.

Former President Donald Trump is accused of mishandling classified documents and despite the legal issues; he is still expected to speak on Saturday night.

But before that, former Vice President Mike Pence will be speaking in the afternoon. This will be his first time speaking since officially announcing his run for president.

Presidential hopefuls aren’t the only ones in attendance though. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and former North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker are both here as well.

Robinson and Walker have both announced their run for governor.

Queen City News caught up with Walker on Friday to get his take on Trump’s second indictment.

“I have seen the DOJ become weaponized to go after people. Look, President Trump is not above the law, but he’s not beneath the law as well. And when we’re seeing some things like this happen, unprecedented, it creates alarm for me,” Walker said.

In the wake of Trump’s second indictment, the separation between MAGA Republicans and establishment Republicans seems to be getting wider and wider.

That will most likely be on full display Friday night with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis set to speak in just a couple of hours.