CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop became the first Republican to publicly support ousting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

When asked how much confidence he has in the speaker right now, Bishop, representing North Carolina’s District 8, replied, “None. Zero. What basis is there for confidence?” 

During his bid to become Speaker of the House, McCarthy made some concessions to secure Republican support. One of those was a rule change to the “motion to vacate.” Now, any member of Congress can force a vote to remove him from speakership, and with conservative criticism of the debt ceiling bill, there’s a real threat to his job. 

“Kevin McCarthy had done a good job speaking the language,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (S.C.-District 5). “His number one slogan is national debt is the biggest threat we have to America. That’s out of his words! Then to pass this bill?” 

McCarthy defended his stance on Tuesday saying, “I’m not sure what in the bill people are concerned about. It’s the largest savings of 2.1 trillion we’ve ever had.” 

The bill would rescind billions of unspent COVID funds, pull back on IRS funding, increase work requirements to some receiving welfare benefits and suspend the debt limit until 2025. 

Those items failed to convince some hardline conservatives. 

“To my colleagues in the Republican Congress, you have a few hours to make up your mind,” Bishop said. “You are the key to our being able to reacquire the unity. Now, it’s going to take some steps, by the way.” 

In what Bishop called a career-defining vote for every Republican, he and the rest of the more conservative House Freedom Caucus have their sights set on further negotiations. 

“Tax revenue is going to be coming in. We’re not going to default,” Norman said. “They’re going to say this. Let’s call their bluff on this. The best deal is no deal.” 

President Joe Biden tweeted the budget agreement is “good news for the American people.” The House Rules Committee approved the bill sending it to a full House vote as soon as Wednesday.