CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – South Carolina could potentially lose its brand-new spot as the ‘first voting state in the nation’ just weeks after they got it.

This conversation comes as sources say some high-ranking Democrats are proposing alternatives to the first stop in their presidential primary.

Although President Joe Biden’s administration pushed for South Carolina to become the first stop in the presidential nomination process, not everyone in the Democratic Party agreed with the move.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee founder Adam Green said the primary source of contention with the Palmetto State stems from the fact that it is improbable Democrats will win it in the general election.

“2024 will be an existential election for our democracy. We can’t have a return of Trumpism. And if we’re going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in some first-in-the-nation primary, why not have it be a general election state?” Green said.

Green said some have North Carolina tossed out as an option among Democratic strategists, former campaign advisors, and state party officials. They’ve also been discussing Nevada and Georgia. Green said Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina are all racially diverse and will also be essential battleground states within the general election.

“I mean, frankly, the idea of this being South Carolina was half-baked. They didn’t even put in a bid. It’s kind of a last-minute thing. And I think cooler heads will look at this and say, is this really how we want to spend our party money, especially if it means we could lose the swing state and possibly the presidency in 2024,” Green said.

Green is unsure how President Biden and his administration will react to these ideas, but it’ll ultimately be up to the entire DNC to decide where they hold their first primary.

Josh Putnam, a political scientist- and expert in presidential primaries, thinks the push to de-crown South Carolina and go against the President’s wishes is a lost cause.

“I think now that this has been rolled out by the President, by the party, it’s going to be hard to walk it back. As ‘All right, we threw this to what we call a valuable constituency in the party and African-Americans, and now we’re going to take it away to give it to Nevada.’ Technically, they could do that. I don’t think they’re going to,” Putnam explained.

The vote for which state gets to be the first voting state in the Democratic Presidential Primary is happening in February.