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The fourth day of proceedings in the Raquan Borum murder trial wrapped up Friday. 

The man charged with fatally shooting a protester during the Charlotte 2016 riots was accused Friday of plotting to harm the judge presiding over his case by attempting to set up ‘a voodoo ritual.’ 

The plot allegedly involved members of CMPD, as well.

On Wednesday, day three of the trial, a prosecutor brought up a shocking call the defendant, Rayquan Borum, made from jail. Initially, it was believed Borum called his mother from jail with a mission to possibly cause physical harm to the judge presiding over his trial, Gregory Hayes, or his family.

This led to a motion by the defense to recuse Hayes from the trial, but that didn’t happen because of a bizarre twist. 

Hayes could have possibly been recused from the trial, but the prosecution said the threat wasn’t one of physical violence. It was to find someone for a different service.

“Some manner or person who practices in the occult,” the prosecutor said.

It’s now believed that Borum called his mother asking her to contact a shaman in north Florida who practices in the occult to carry out a spiritualistic ritual against the judge and others involved in the case.

“Because he has quote, “voodoo,” the prosecution said.

Prosecutors say there were additional calls.

“He was trying to raise money to pay a voodoo healer in Raleigh.”

All sides agreed this wasn’t exactly a physical threat, and decided to move forward with Judge Hayes in place. The defense pulled their motion for recusal.

Prosecutors brought nine millimeter bullets into evidence that were found at, what they believe is Borum’s home. A nine millimeter shell casing was also discovered at the initial scene of the crime. 

Much was made of evidence collected at the home.

The defense will not say the home where police served Borum’s warrant and where much evidence was found is where he lived, despite documentation with his name on it being found there.

Jury members caught a glimpse of the first interview CMPD did with Borum. In the first part of the video, Borum denied seeing any sort of gun shot that led to Carr’s death.

Prosecutors said the end of the video, which will likely be played on Monday, shows a confession from Borum.

Borum faces first-degree murder charges in the death of 26-year-old Justin Carr, who was shot and killed during riots that took place in uptown in 2016. The riots were in reaction to a fatal officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.